In the following you will find a series of essays on the work “In the Light of Truth”. The essays contain personal thoughts and conclusions of the individual authors. These conclusions can offer the interested reader an encouragement to delve deeper into the train of thought of the Grail Message so as to finally form his own judgement.

Essay 1:   The Work “In the Light of Truth” gives answers to unresolved questions.
Should this imply for the reader a change in the way he forms his opinions?

Essay 2:  For some human beings the Work “In the Light of Truth” has become
the shining light and the staff in the forming of their earthly lives ...
To which personal recognition can this be adduced?

Essay 3:  “All that is dead in creation shall be awakened, so that it may pass
judgement upon itself!”

Essay 4:  The path to God connects this world with the beyond.